100 Day Challenge: Always Move ForwardEvery few months I teach a workshop titled How to Make Money With Your Blog. It's a two-hour, intensive how-to course followed by a one hour of question and answer session. I limit attendance to 30 potential bloggers, so that they get personal attention.

One of the key points of my presentation is that blogging isn't magic. It's work. Great work, but work nonetheless. And then I spell out what the work entails.

People come to the workshop hungry for information and most leave excited to jump into the world of professional blogging. But almost every single one eventually drops off the blogging radar — most after only a handful of posts. A handful!

How is it they can leave the workshop knowing exactly what it will take to be successful — and positive that they have what it takes — when in reality they only stick with it long enough to write five or six posts? (And some even less?)

It's the same reason most of us have the same goals year after year. Talking is one thing. Taking action is quite another.

Whether your goal is to be or not to be is dependent upon your actions.

If your goal is to become a professional blogger, it will only happen if you actually blog. If your goal is to write a novel, it will only happen if you actually write. If your goal is to become a famous singer, it will only happen if you open your mouth and let the sound come out.

Stop thinking, talking, planning. Start doing. Today.

Join me in the 100 Day Challenge!